Case Studies

Name: Mobile Pet Vet
City: Kensington, CT
Services Offered: Wellness Care

VetBlue at Mobile Pet Vet

Today’s mobile veterinarians, such as those practicing in equine or small animal care, understand the importance of being able to access patient data while on the road. Vets who are on the road all day cannot afford to spend hours entering information at the end of the day. VetBlue provides mobile vets with access to their data, whether in the office, on the road, or at home, and with their own devices. With this in mind, Mobile Pet Vet chose VetBlue to facilitate and enhance their small animal mobile practice.

Business Background

Mobile Pet Vet is a veterinary house call practice providing wellness care to dogs and cats in the central Connecticut area. The mission of Mobile Pet Vet is to provide their clients with superior care for their animals and flexible, reliable service. The practice offers basic wellness care which includes physical examinations, vaccinations, heartworm testing for dogs, a full range of comprehensive blood tests and medical care for non-emergency conditions such as skin infections, ear infections and chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and other endocrine disorders. They also assist with end of life care and planning. Due to the unique nature of their business, and the need for mobile and flexible practice management software, Mobile Pet Vet was looking for an easy-to-use, dynamic, and affordable solution to help run and grow their practice. VetBlue offered the answer.

Business Benefits

“We were able start using Vetblue right away, with only very minimal training; it is very user-friendly and quite affordable, which were key requirements of our new practice,” says Dr. Kim Rio, owner of Mobile Pet Vet. Using VetBlue allowed them to get their new practice up and running quickly and without any software headaches. Since VetBlue is priced on a per-user basis, and Mobile Pet Vet currently has only a few users, this was a perfect solution for them that would also allow them to grow and add users, with minimal expense. “We were each (my technician and myself) given a brief telephone tutorial, it was quite simple, and we were able to very quickly learn the system as we began working with it. There are on-line tutorials available as well, but the program is quite user-friendly,” says Rio.

Because users can access data from VetBlue from any device, anytime, and anywhere, vets and staff can spend more time focusing on providing quality animal care rather than on administrative tasks. Rio says “we have found that the majority of our clients have internet access and prefer to use this mode of communication; we are able to email them their medical records, receipts and invoices. We can also access complete medical records while on the road if necessary.” Due to the unique nature of Mobile Pet Vet’s mobile clinic, they needed a solution that could perform all administrative tasks in a mobile setting. These tasks include entering and looking up medical records and procedure notes, generating invoices, and communicating with clients and colleagues. And since VetBlue allows users to email invoices directly to clients, Mobile Pet Vet has saved a lot of time and money since 75% of their clients prefer to receive communications via email. .

“We like not being tied to one computer for in-putting and accessing records; this allows me and my technichian to each work separately if necessary, and yet have complete access to our patient files. This is especially important for us as a completely mobile practice without a standing clinic,” says Rio. With VetBlue, all data and records are stored securely in the cloud, meaning there is never a need for them to back up their data. Not only has this saved Mobile Pet Vet a lot of time, but also reduced the costs and headaches typically associated with implementing and using traditional practice management software.