Name: Ark Animal Homecare
City: Chester, NH
Services Offered: Vaccination, Routine Examination, Small Emergency Treatment, Euthanasia and more…

“I decided to start my mobile practice in August 2011 and became quickly overwhelmed by the veterinary software options. I found VetBlue competitors to be not only expensive but loaded with unnecessary features I didn’t want or need. As a mobile vet, I needed to access my records quickly and easily on the road from portable electronic devices. VetBlue suits my needs perfectly. It is efficient, affordable and easy to operate.

VetBlue offers me amazing versatility at an affordable cost. As a “technologically challenged individual” I find the support staff to be patient and extremely responsive. Regardless of the issue, I receive a response to my question almost immediately either by phone or email.

The patient records appear very professional and the software is intuitive. I can access patient files anywhere from my iPad, laptop or smartphone. VetBlue is frequently updated – there is no fear of investing in an expensive software package which may become quickly obsolete or out dated.

My clients appreciate having their records emailed to them which has created a truly paperless practice. I love VetBlue! I would absolutely recommend this software to my collegues!”

-Erika De Beckers, DVM

“I am a solo practitioner and I was looking for three things during my search for a new veterinary software program: affordability, ease of use and flexibility to adapt to my practice. With VetBlue, I was thrilled to find a program that exceeded my expectations and fit within my budget.

Since I do most of my work on the road, having access to VetBlue wherever I am allows me to look up and record medical notes and produce bills while in front of my clients. It allows me to enter on the road and not have to come back after a long day and spend hours entering the information. The program is so easy to use and you can build your own billing groups to make entry even easier. My bookkeeper learned the system in about an hour and said it was the easiest program she’s used.

The monthly cost is a great deal for all the program does and the updates that are provided. They are great at constantly updating the program and making it faster and easier to use.

This program is a must for any ambulatory practice as it is easy, quick and very cost effective!! We love it!”

-Heather Farmer, DVM

Name: Equine Performance Veterinary Practice
City: Orlando, FL
Services Offered: Wellness Exams, Dentistry, Acupuncture and more

Name: Adams Vet2Pet
City: Suffolk, VA
Services Offered: Small animal mobile services

“I recently started a small animal veterinary house call practice and had researched several different software systems. I wanted a paperless system that had email capability because of the importance of recording all the communications with clients and to generate reminders. I liked the idea of a cloud based system that did not require time consuming back-ups and that you could access from anywhere with internet access.

Support was extremely important to me since I am not a very computer savvy person. Starting a business is overwhelming and having someone to guide me through any question was both a great service and relief! I found out about VetBlue just by doing basic research on the internet. Choosing VetBlue was actually not that difficult of a decision, they had the functions I needed at the best price. This was extremely important to me just starting out with a very small budget.

It is a system with that can manage any sized practice but at a fraction of the cost of most of the other software systems available. For me, some of the most note-worthy utilities have been the email reminders, accounting capabilities and the service. I must have emailed VetBlue staff a dozen times a day some days and would get either an email or phone call response immediately. The support staff is patient and I highly recommend VetBlue because of the personal attention you get. I feel the cloud based software is the future for medical records. For the cost you get outstanding service, education and the program is very easy to implement. They are also constantly adding new and better functions/upgrades making it even more user friendly and efficient.”

-Hannah Adams, DVM

“As a startup practice, I researched most of the available veterinary software packages on the market. VetBlue is unique in many ways. I am able to access all my patient data from any platform (PC, Mac, iPad, Android, etc). I input appointments at a desk on my iMac, invoice and receive payment instantly in the field on my iPad or notebook, and can check the results of a prior lameness exam at the ring or stall side by using my Android phone. The records are securely stored in the cloud so I do not have to maintain multiple backups on site. Additionally, I am a paperless practice, so I can email all necessary correspondence with ease.

The response time when I have a question is very fast and the technical support is outstanding. VetBlue has even customized features for my individual practice needs at no additional cost to me. The initial investment was very minimal and the monthly fees are less than what I would pay for support fees from many of the other software vendors.

I couldn’t be happier with my choice of VetBlue software for my ambulatory equine practice. It currently serves all my needs and has many features that I may utilize as my practice grows and expands. I highly recommend VetBlue! ”

-Megan Meyers, DVM

Name: Cypress Equine
City: Holiday, FL
Services Offered: Full service mobile equine ambulatory practice.

Name: Hindsight Veterinary Care
City: Carlton, OR
Services Offered: Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

“VetBlue is a huge asset to my practice. Online access to all my records means I can enter notes and communicate with clients and colleagues from anywhere. The email invoicing system saves time and paper and most people prefer to have their statement sent to their inbox instead of their mailbox.

Customer service from VetBlue has been top notch; I get nearly immediate responses to my questions and they are always improving the interface, making major as well as subtle tweaks that make a great product even better. In this day and age VetBlue makes more sense than any other program out there for managing both large and small practices.”

-Michael Salewski, DVM