Paperless, Efficient Billing

Say goodbye to the headaches from stamps, paper, and printing. VetBlue enables users to print or email client invoices, receipts, or estimates. Receipts can be generated with payment information, as well as any medical notes related to one or more patient visits. If you make an off-site visit, you can simply generate the invoice on the spot and email it immediately to the client. With VetBlue, in one click, users can provide a client with a professional-looking estimate for one or many procedures. If your client prefers to receive their invoices and communications via regular mail, you can easily print and mail them.

Stay on Top of Client Invoices and Payments

It’s important for any veterinary practice to optimize their cash flow. VetBlue enables users to immediately determine which clients have unpaid invoices, the related date of service, procedures performed, and amount for each. VetBlue also enables users to automatically apply discounts and taxes by procedure. Reports can be quickly generated to determine how much money is owed and by whom, giving users the ability to effectively follow up on overdue invoices and improve cash flow. Additional reports can be generated, compiling information such as accounts receivables, payments collected, taxes owed, and more.

  • Look professional with branded billing
  • Email invoices straight from VetBlue
  • Bill for multiple visits
  • See who owes you for what
  • Record taxes and discounts
  • Track any type of payment
  • Create billing and tax reports

Create professional-looking estimates, invoices, and receipts with your logo and brand on the fly. No more worrying about stamps and paper…instead just one click of a button can send them to your client’s email.

VetBlue’s wide selection of pre-built reports allows users to quickly view up-to-the-minute client payment information, overdue invoices, taxes owed, and much more. Users can also create their own reports with VetBlue’s easy-to-use toolset.

Users can automatically apply discounts and taxes to specific procedures. This saves a great deal of time, since this information will automatically be included each time a procedure is invoiced.

When payments are made via cash, check, or credit card, users can easily record the payments and include any notes on the invoice. The amount due for each invoice will automatically be offset by the amount of the payment.