Client Communication

Professional Client Communication Tools

Today’s consumer is smart. They expect a lot from their service providers, and they are armed with a wealth of information and immediate access to multiple social media outlets. It is more important than ever that veterinarians communicate effectively and regularly with their clients in order to ensure they are satisfied customers. VetBlue provides you with powerful communication tools that produce professional-looking documents, so that you can communicate with your clients at the touch of a button, and maintain an accurate record of all of those communications.

Flexible and Easy Online Invoicing

VetBlue’s flexible online invoicing tools enable users to easily manage clients who own one, or many, animals. You can quickly provide a client with a professional-looking estimate based on a series of procedures for each animal. Once visits are complete, invoices can be emailed or printed for a single visit or bundled for multiple visits with one or more animals. You can choose to print or email estimates, invoices and receipts with one click. These flexible online invoicing tools reduce overhead and paperwork typically associated with billing and collecting.

  • Look professional by using modern tools
  • Manage multiple animals per client
  • See which clients owe you and why
  • Invoice through email
  • Maintain a log of all communications with clients

A complete record of all sent emails is stored and easily accessible. Phone calls and other types of communication with clients can also be logged.

Discounts for certain clients can be preset so that all visits and procedures are automatically discounted when the client’s invoice is generated.

Reminders can be sent, either via email or regular mail, to clients to inform them of upcoming procedures, appointments, and overdue preventive treatments such as vaccinations.

Up-to-the-minute client account analysis can be performed, as well as the creation of email or paper estimates for services. All payment types can be entered into a client’s records, including credit card and PayPal payments, checks, and cash.