Medical Records

Maintain Complete and Accurate Medical Records

Your clients expect complete and accurate medical records for their pets. With VetBlue, every record contains a history of procedures performed on the animal, as well as drugs or vaccines administered. In addition, users can enter medical and/or instructional notes associated with each patient’s medical record, and these notes can be included on the client’s invoice if desired. A client’s billing information is linked to the record in order to ensure procedures are being billed accordingly. Users can upload any type of file into the medical record for easy access, including x-rays, referring vet reports, and lab results. Reports can be generated for one or more patients so a client can easily view a history of their visits and procedures.

Save Time by Defining Procedures and Procedure Templates

No one likes to waste time entering the same information over and over. With VetBlue, specific details for procedures that are performed on a regular basis, such as examinations, vaccinations, surgeries or administering medications, can be saved. Key information such as standard prices, quantity, notes, and instructions given to clients can be included in each procedure definition. In addition, procedures that are frequently performed together can be bundled and saved as a procedure template. With the click of a button, these templates can be applied to a patient visit, thereby saving a great deal of time and ensuring comprehensive medical assessments.

  • Record complete medical notes
  • Save time with procedure defaults
  • Choose notes to share with clients
  • Bundle procedures into templates
  • Include images or any other file type
  • Track changes to records

Create and maintain patient records containing demographic information such as name, owner, birth date, weight, species, breed, sex and other pertinent data. Changes to fields within records are also tracked.

Specific details can be entered and saved for routine procedures, such as examinations, vaccinations, surgeries or administering medications. All information about the procedure can easily be saved, including client instructions for post-visit care.

Attach any type of file pertaining to a patient such as an image, video, PDF, or x-ray dicom image. Files are just as securely stored as the rest of your records and accessible by all users.

Save time when performing a bundle of procedures by creating templates for procedures that you frequently perform together. Users can easily apply these templates to any patient record with the click of a button.

Medical notes can be flagged as either internal or viewable by the client, and can be displayed on invoices or receipts.