Follow-Up Procedure and Treatment Reminders

In today’s practice, your success depends upon your ability to keep clients coming back for appointments and procedures. Clients often need to be reminded of upcoming appointments, yet this can be a rather cumbersome task for vets to stay on top of. With VetBlue, users can take advantage of the built-in reminder system that allows them to set a reminder and/or due date for any procedure performed on the animal. Users can easily set follow-up appointments and reminders for booster vaccinations, regular check ups, and other procedures. You can define defaults for the number of days when a follow-up procedure is due, helping you to standardize care.

Choose How and When to Send Reminders

VetBlue enables users to generate a report that shows all patients with upcoming or overdue follow-ups, so you can stay one step ahead of patient care. Users have a lot of flexibility in the methods they use to communicate with clients. They can send out reminder emails at the touch of a button, create form letters and send them via regular mail, or even generate custom postcards. In addition, custom reports can be exported to an external mail merge program, where users can easily send communications to multiple clients.

  • Easily define due dates for follow-ups
  • Keep customers coming back for procedures
  • Remind clients through email
  • Print letters or postcards
  • Mark procedures as complete or not applicable

VetBlue allows users to generate reports showing all patients with upcoming or overdue appointments or procedures, enabling you to stay one step ahead of patient care.

Users can set up customized reminders, and send email or regular mail to clients reminding them of up upcoming appointments and procedures. Email reminders may be sent in bulk at one time, or a series of reminders can be sent.

Follow-up dates for any procedure can be pre-defined with a set number of days, so that clients can be contacted on a specific date to remind them of their upcoming procedure.