Up-to-the-Minute Analysis

It’s important for any business to be able to access up-to-the-minute reports on common needs, such as client payments, accounts receivable, and sales taxes owed. Pre-built reports allow users to analyze in real-time both the effectiveness of care and the financial health of the business. You can choose to restrict access to certain reports to a subsection of users in your practice. VetBlue also offers Dashboards, which summarize and display report data in a table or chart format.

User-Friendly Reporting Capabilities

With VetBlue’s powerful reporting engine, users can also customize pre-built reports, or easily create new ones with sophisticated yet easy-to-use point-and-click tools. You don’t need to hire an IT expert to write complicated queries that pull data from a database. Users can change the filter criteria by date, change the columns displayed, and change the order of the columns…all without writing a single piece of complicated code. Once reports are generated they can be formatted for printing or exported into Excel for further manipulation.

  • Customize pre-built reports
  • Build Reports from scratch
  • Powerful point-and-click capabilities
  • No fiddling with complicated code
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Control access to reports

With VetBlue’s pre-built reports, users can easily run reports to determine overall financial status, such as payments, amounts owed by clients, and other taxes and payments owed by the practice.

VetBlue provides users with sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools to customize pre-built reports, or create their own.

VetBlue allows users to change filter criteria, as well as change the columns displayed and their order…quickly and easily without rewriting any code.