Calendars and Scheduling Made Easy

It is essential that today’s busy veterinarians maximize the use of their time. Effective scheduling and calendar tools are critical so that everyone in your practice can stay on the same page. VetBlue makes it easy for users to integrate appointments, with specific start and end times, into the user’s calendar. All previous and upcoming appointments can be viewed using an intuitive calendar that is available in many views – day, week or month, or users can view appointments in a list view. VetBlue’s calendar and scheduling tools enable everyone in your practice to see who is scheduled for what and when.

Integrated Views for Multiple Users

All users in your practice should have the same view of client appointments. With VetBlue, multiple users have an integrated view of all appointments across the practice on one screen. This helps to reduce patient waiting times, and increase client satisfaction. Users each have their own calendar so that they can schedule their own appointments. This is quite useful for users in multi-doctor practices who want to share default procedure information, but need the ability to schedule and complete their own visits.

  • User-friendly calendar views
  • Schedule visits from within calendar
  • Calendar available for each user
  • Set primary doctor for each visit

Users can choose from many calendar views which show past, current and future patient visits including by day, week, month, or in a list view.

Every user in VetBlue can have a fully-functional calendar that provides users with easy access to previous and upcoming appointments. You can set a primary doctor or user for each patient visit.

View all appointments for all users across the practice in a single calendar view.

Easily schedule patient visits directly from the calendar.