Can I access VetBlue when I’m not online?
Though you can always save a copy of VetBlue locally to access when you’re not online, an internet connection is required to update data in VetBlue. If you do farm or house calls and want to access VetBlue while on the road you will want to subscribe to a mobile 3G or 4G broadband service through a major telecom provider.

How secure and reliable is VetBlue?
VetBlue is hosted on the world’s leading cloud computing platform. The platform comprises of global, state-of-the-art facilities, including data centers on the West coast, East coast, and Asia. All facilities are identical and transactions are mirrored almost instantly, making interruption of service related to hardware problems or data issues virtually impossible.

Can I export my data whenever I want?
The subscription to VetBlue spells out that you own your data. Anytime you can request an export of a ZIP archive file that contains every single piece of data in the system organized in readable comma-separated files so you can have an offline backup for piece of mind or if you ever decide to switch software systems.

How many devices can I access VetBlue from?
Any number of devices can be used to access VetBlue. VetBlue is priced on a per-user basis not per-computer so you can access VetBlue from work, home, vacation or on the road on whichever device is most convenient.

Can you import the data from my current practice management system?
Yes. VetBlue staff can import client and patient data from a comma-separated file. We are also happy to help you export the data we need from your current practice management system.

Can I record a certain tax and tax rate?
Yes, with VetBlue you can set a default tax rate for certain items or set a tax rate at the time of service. The amount of tax charged is displayed separately on invoices and receipts and you can pull reports on the amount of tax collected.

Is it Mac-compatible? Does it work differently on an iPad?
Yes and Yes. The program works as well on a Mac-enabled device as any other. Many customers use their 3G-enabled iPad in the field and it is working very well for them. One important piece of feedback to note is that when entering medical records it helps to have a keyboard, which the iPad lacks.

Can I host the software myself?
No, we offer only a cloud-based solution. We do not have an offline or private server option you can purchase.

Can I import lab and diagnostic results into VetBlue?
You can upload and attach any type of file into the medical record. You can upload and reference files like PDFs of referring veterinary records, lab results from outside labs or DICOM images.

Is VetBlue available in my country?
VetBlue has subscribers around the world using the system. Currency and time formats are available for almost every country in the world. Currently the software is being used in English, Portuguese and French, but can be adapted into almost any language.